Nordic Noir and 911


A few members of our household are currently rather obsessed with BBC4’s Danish language thriller series The Bridge. If you’re not a fan of the subtitles, moody colour pallets, brooding narratives and natter that constitute Nordic Noir, then this series probably isn’t for you. But even if you’re a complete philistine there is at least one reason to take a look – the rather lovely Porsche driven by the deadpan-sexy main character – played by the actress Sofia Helin.

The dusty chocolate/Mustard colour car, with black alloys and coded bumpers, looks to me to be a 911 from somewhere between 74-78 – but according to the chatter over at PH there’s a chance it’s a 912 – and perhaps an American-spec 912E.

Either way, we think the car’s downbeat, effortless style reflects perfectly the temperament of the autistically cool detective. As we’ve said before – the cars cops drive are – at least on the telly – a vital part of their characterisation.

Not being particular Porsche aficionados, we can’t really make a call as to what the car actually is. Any ideas, out there?