Nudie Cohn Rocks!


Well, he may have made the kicking-est Country and Western suits this side of the Rockies, but we really dig the way Nudie Cohn kitted out his Caddies in appropriate style.

Known for dressing luminaries such as Elvis Presley and Gram Parsons (pictured), as well as besuiting Roy Hollywood cowboy Roy Rogers and music legend Hank Williams, Nudie Cohn was a Ukrainian born jew whose arrival in 1940s Hollywood saw a man in the right place at the right time.

His taste in expansive, bejewelled whale-autos distinguished him from many a rhinestone cowboy plying their trade.  It was boom time in California, and the film business was making hundreds of cowboy films a year. Nudie saw the gap in the market and made a killing. He made so much of a killing, in fact, that he would apparently distribute dollar bills on the street in Los Angeles with a sticker with his face on.

He  also  created a fleet of 18 glittering customised cruisers that mirrored his inimitable sartorial style (see pic above).

Hail a true original.
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