Of Time and the Porsche


When I was a kid, I had a big picture book of cars. I was a bit obsessed with it.

Right in the centre spread of the book was a huge full bleed picture of a Porsche 911. Silver paintwork. Black alloys. Huge whale wing. It was probably a 1979 Turbo.

It looked lovely for sure. But more than the way it looked, the caption stuck in my tiny mind. “The Porsche 911 is the perfect choice of car for the transcontinental traveler”.

I had no idea what a transcontinental traveler was, of course. But I knew I wanted to be one.

And that’s the thing about Porsches. The gradual but ever-forward evolution of Ferdinand’s design is based on its supreme functionality. Yet rather than dull and stolid, function in this context is exotic, exciting.

That’s why despite their burgeoning popularity, you always look twice at a Porsche. Long will it continue. And they’ve also managed to back up the product with a beautifully-rendered graphic and commercial identity, as a quick glance through the things we’ve posted about Porsche will reveal.