Point Blank: Lee Marvin wrecks cars!


Lee Marvin built a career playing hard men.

And it doesn’t get any tougher than Walker – the character he plays in 1967 LA thriller Point Blank.

There are loads of reasons to love this movie. There’s the existential loneliness of the ‘emotional, primitive’ man at the centre of the narrative. There’s the brooding sensuality of Angie Dickinson’s character. There are the saturated colours capes and reflections of late sixties Los Angeles.


But one of the main reasons we love this film is the scene here, where Marvin wrecks a sleazy car dealer’s car in an effort to get information out of him. It’s a prescient echo of the scene in The Driver, where Ryan O’Neill demonstrates his driving chops in the underground car park.

Tons of car references, too, as you’d expect from such a fundamentally Los Angeles focussed film.

It’s worth a watch for the dealership full of Corvettes alone.