The Race of Gentlemen


Images and video Via Scott Toepfer/The Selvedge Yard.

Full of old-time authenticity and replete with a pier-to-pier thrash of around 1/8th of a mile, The Race of Gentlemen is held occasionally on the beaches of the Jersey Shore by the Oiler’s Car Club.

The Race features a knock-out sand flinging fest where dedicated builders of rods and two wheeled customs pit their rides against each other in a truncated and sand-wrought drag. The vibe is obviously down home and old school – and the cars are built for the sort of racing that created the post war custom craze as we know it.

It might be a while since WW2 ended and brought that legion of tech and thrill crazed GIs home from the battlefields – but the tradition they created lives on and burns bright.

Great teaser video and images from Scott Toepfer. Look out for next year’s event! RACE