Range Rover Evoque Drop Top!


News came last week that Land Rover will unveil a Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

According to Land Rover, the concept is being shown as a design study only, to gauge reaction and to assess the potential for a neglected sector for the company.

Design Director Gerry McGovern told press that “the Evoque lends itself beautifully to the idea of a convertible. This study is not a traditional convertible design execution – instead we have worked with the balance of the Evoque’s lines to retain its distinctive shape and create something that is unique and, we believe, highly desirable.”

The concept features a fully retractable roof system with a Roll Over Protection System- and it retains the dramatic rising waist line and distinctive shape. The hood is housed in a neat tapered finisher with the roof mechanism stowed below the belt-line.

Though this is a real premium product – the mini Range Rover having been pretty much an instant success all over the world – it reminds us of the stripped down, roots and culture funmobile the Bronco (pictured below).

With the Evoque hard-top’s near ubiquity in certain beach cities on the California coast you can see how opening the folk inside to the heavens might make perfect sense – if not at the fag-end of an English February!