Rebel Rousers: Bikesploitation 101


If over-the-top voicovers had an Academy Awards, this guy would have a full trophy cabinet.

And if Bikesploitation was a recognised genre, Rebel Rousers would be legend. But surprisingly, you’ve probably never seen this 1970 tale of wayward sexually depraved, murderous bikers. Probably because it is awful, in a cool kind of way.

It’s no surprise that the studio namechecked the biker film from the era that you do remember, namely Easy Rider. Fact was that Easy Rider tapped into a very American period fear/obsession with the evil eating away at society from within. And more often than not, it was bikers who encapsulated the thing that mainstream America feared.

The film may be faintly ridiculous, but for anyone interested in how bikers have been (mis) represented in the media, it’s well worth a look. And mother, don’t let your daughter watch.