Now that's what I call retro!

Retro Karting in the Spotlight


Now that's what I call retro!

The Race Retro show has been getting better and better over the years, with everything the tweedy obsessive of all things automotive and old could wish for. This year as well as the usual gems from the history of British motorsport, from Mk 1 Cortinas to Formula 1 classics, the show is going a step further into the olden days by featuring an amazing range of truly significant Karts from way back in the day.

Karting is of course the grass roots motorsport par excellence – the great traditions of British racing flow from this oil soaked and fragrant root. So, it makes sense that karts should get their proper moment in the spotlight at a show like this.

Organises tell us that the display on the club’s stand will include a 1959 Keele Mk1/Bultaco, similar to the one raced by Sir Stirling Moss, which was restored for Sir Stirling’s 80th birthday celebrations at Goodwood. Also from 1959, a Progress Kart similar to one raced by Graham Hill in the first official British kart race at Lakenheath, Norfolk. There will also be a 1967 Cobra raced by Bobby Day and Mickey Allen, both former British Kart champions. The Cobra is one of only three built and has an unusual chassis design and steering arrangement taken from Ronnie Peterson’s Robardie kart. The final kart displayed is a 100cc Dale Scorpion. Built in 1963, it was Dale’s first class one kart and features an all-in-one integral seat, floor tray and petrol tank manufactured from fibre glass.

For the fast paced live action demonstration, around thirty karts from the humble 1960 Trokart to the 1970s Barlottis and the 140mph Yamaha 250cc twin powered Zips will be on the circuit, with one of Martin Hines’ Zip Hermites to be amongst the examples from that era.

We can almost smell the two stroke fumes from here.