Bolt On Utility


Now, we’re not saying that roofracks are cool per se. Far from it. The world is awash with the kind of plasticky but super practical contraptions by Thule and a host of other worthy companies, that do nothing – absolutely nothing to the aesthetic appeal of one’s ride.

As we’ve mentioned before however, one of the most important aspects of your daily drive will forever remain its utility. Your car could look as cool as a Steve McQueen Baja Buggy but if it doesn’t work hard for you, it might have well stay in that hermetically sealed, climate controlled oxygen tent.

We’re campaigners for unashamedly cool cars to reinstated as daily drives – and it makes sense, does it not, to make a positive out of a negative necessity?

In the cases we’ve highlighted above we think that an authentically sourced, pleasingly designed roofrack can not only turn your classic into a stylish workhorse: but can actually add aesthetic appeal to an already tasty way to get stuff from A to B.