Rust is Lighter Than Carbon Fibre


When we spotted this twisted beauty last week, we were instantly impressed by its ghetto fabulousness. A stipped down, rusted primer coated Mk1 with Tangoed alloys, a matt black hood with comp stripes and all sorts of add-ons, make it an instant headturner.

But it’s the collection of stickers in the rear door windows that make us want to share this with you fully. There’s an urgent sense of creativity in the edit, and when you combine this with the hunkered down steez of the car itself. But really, what we’re seeking to do is to find the owner/creator of this joyous piece of Somerset car culture.

There’s a dedicated crew of modders in the area we spotted the car (around the Midsomer Norton/Radstock area) and reckon there’s a fair chance that someone out there in the North Somerset coalfields is an Influx reader and knows knows whose ride this is.

So there, the shout goes out.

We want to meet you!