Saab: Fighter Planes to Crash Landings



Having been born and raised lusting after turbo Saabs and digging the legendary Viggen fighter planes that featured often in their ads, it’s amazing at how such a ridiculous bit of brand mismanagement can destroy a symbol of innovative Scandinavian engineering in so short a space of time.

With the recent announcement of the failure of Saab’s sale and that an ‘orderly wind-down of operations’ of the brand was thus in place, we were wondering if there was any precedent to this mad, sad tale.

Even the older generation of Saab Rally cars like the one pictured above (which were amazingly successful) have a quirky, understated sort of cool about them. We have often wondered if there is another example of a meteoric rise to power and glory followed by such an equal but opposite plummet back to Earth?

Could there be another example out there?