Save Bertone!

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Gruppo Bertone was once the industry’s most sought after collaborator – a bit like an Elvis Costello of the motoring world.

The noble corrozeria has always been known for its cutting edge design and innovative approach – and is responsible for cars like the Lamborghini Miura and Marzal – not to mention the strikingly bold Lancia Stratos.

...Fiat's Panda was epoch-making
…Fiat’s Panda was epoch-making

But the Bertone brand hasn’t just adorned dream cars – the groundbreaking hatch mini that was The Fiat Panda was also a key part of it’s portfolio.

How can it be, then, that this well-respected company with over 100 years heritage, has just announced that it has entered bankruptcy proceedings?

One reason lies, apparently, in the quintessentially Italian political rivalries in House Bertone. Since the death of the long time Patriarch Nuccio in 1997 the company has struggled under the eccentric leadership of his widow Lilli.

Bertone did great rear ends, like the Miura...
Bertone did great rear ends, like the Miura…

Another issue is the increasing complexity of modern car building which, with its new technologies, safety and legislative pressures, has forced major manufacturers to centralise the design process in house, sidelining independent stylers like Bertone.

There’s talk of a last minute buyout so there is hope that this veteran performer will live on to pull off more world class duets.

How about a Kickstarter?