Shelby/Scaglietti Corvette


Carroll Shelby always aspired to cross the pulchritude of nimble, European sports cars with the straight line power and muscle of American hot rods.

So, in 1959 Shelby bought three Corvettes from Chevrolet, shipped them to Italy where Senor Scaglietti clothed the proven and strong Chevrolet powertrain and Chassis on a truly beautiful piece of typically subtle coach work.

The cars that returned were, as you can see, incredibly lovely to look at, and apparently worked well too. According to insider sources so threatened by the power and the glory of Shelby’s brainchild was Enzo Ferrari – he threatened to pull Ferrari’s business from Scaglietti if the collaboration continued.

Industry politics aside, we think you’ll agree this car is blessed with something elusive and rare – feminine grace concealing the full force of Detroit testosterone.