Show Girls


With the Paris car show looming in the headlights, we thought it timely to devote a daily post to our occasional study of automotive marketing.

One the the great and enduring perennials of any car industry event is, of course, the Promotional Girl.

And despite the fact that Beauty Contest -baiting political correctness is a little long-in-the-tooth and that even liberated laddettism seems quaint and sort of nineties-ish these days, there seems to be no sign of car companies slowing down there search for the perfect female figure to sell their product.

Fashions change of course, and the looks sported by promo people ebbs and flows with the cultural currents – but our favourite era remains the late sixties and early seventies, a time when a naive sort of psychedelia seemed to infuse everything and knee-high boots were par for the course.

The concept cars from that era – all wedgy and space-aged – were fairly out there, and the look of the girls were pretty alien too. Here is a little selection of our faves.