Silverstone Classic


It’s one of those events that you might not think is what you’re all about.

But if you save your pennies for Bernie Ecclestone’s circus to come to the Northamptonshire countryside – you really should consider hitting the Silverstone Classic. For us, the Silverstone Classic offers much more bang for your hard-earned bucks.

The appeal is obvious to many of us. Think of every kind of racing formula to have graced the circuit for the last seventy odd years – think of cars and bikes from every era of 20th century racing in fact: and you have it all there.

But not only can you watch these rare and classic cars get an outing at the place for which they were bred – you can get truly up close and personal with the men and women and the machines themselves. There was music, classic aviation displays – an amazing weekend, in other words.

Highlight for us this year was undoubtedly the fiftieth anniversary commemoration of the E-Type. Apparently close to a thousand etypes were on site and on-track, a record grid of 52 racing E-types contested a round of the E-type Challenge, the special race series created for 2011 to mark the anniversary year.

Buy your tickets early for next year’s extravaganza.