Silverstone Classic Preview

Cars Culture

If you’ve never been to the Silverstone Classic and you like beautiful old racing cars, you are missing out horribly.

Last week we were treated to an array of cars that had us aching for a time in motorsport we never knew.

IMG_8875There were a lot of highlights dressed in steel and finely worn leather – but for us the highlight of highlights was a couple of laps in the E-Type Roadster lightweight pictured here. The smell, the sound and the pure, snarling energy of this half century old steed was something we’ll never forget.

IMG_8871We loved the presence of the original M3 Evo

And this is just a tongue tip taster of the main event, which takes place between 25-27 July and includes, as well as an incredible lineup of full blown racing action from generations of motorsport – keynote celebrations of Maserati’s centenary – and the 50th anniversary of Ford’s Mustang.

IMG_8882It’s so nice to be able to get up close and personal with these beautiful cars – looking, touching and feeling the genuine passion these incredibly visceral machines can evoke.

These sorts of events make the exclusive and excluding mainstream F1 series look like the sanitised circus it really is.