The Art of Andy Jenkins…


Andy Jenkins draws bikes and cars nicely. But the other four wheeled vehicles he is interested in are skateboards. He was, after all the Art Director and founder member of Girl Skateboards.

Andy also digs the print medium, his self-published zine Bend having been a lead player in the cult of the underground print publication.

We caught up with Andy recently when these lovely little illustrations went on sale for a snip.

Skate versus Bikes/Cars: what’s the relationship?
Here in Los Angeles, it’s simple. If you skate, you drive/ride. There’s no other way to get around unless you’re bumming rides.

What do you ride/drive?
I drive a hybrid… the powers that be here have all the nice cars. I used to commute on a Triumph Thruxton for a few years until I sold it to a coworker.

LA or San Francisco?
San Pedro! Get on the 110 freeway and head south from LA.

Dirtbike or Roadbike?
I love motocross and raced it for a few years. So I have an inclination towards dirt. BUT, I loved my Thruxton as well.

Print or Digi?
Both. Print if it’s good, i.e. well designed and written. I tend to be a little more lenient about design if it’s online.