The Evolution of the Drifting Angle


The title of the film might sound like that of some strange B&W Open University physics lecture off the telly in the 1970s, but it’s actually a brilliant film about the history, culture, personalities and fast times of rallying.

And it fact, the title sounds even funnier in German.

Put together by enthusiast Helmut Deimel, it’s a passionately conceived piece of history that brings together killer archive action and interviews with almost every big name in rallying over the last few decades.

Documenting everything from the back-happy extremism to 4WD drift and beyond through the irresponsible madness of Group B, the film does for Rallying what Dogtown and Z Boys did for Skateboarding – only with a lot more Finnish people.

For some reason the video is available extensively in full length on the WWW for your enjoyment. We wouldn’t be so rude as to post the whole video, but enjoy the trailer above and hunt down a copy for yourself.

It’s a brilliant way to spend ninety minutes.