The Goob


new movie nails Fenland Banger Culture

On May 29 The Goob is due to hit cinemas.

What is the Goob? Not sure. We haven’t seen the film yet.

But director Guy Myhill has assembled a cast of little known, striking looking actors and has focussed on our beloved Norfolk flatlands and the car culture therein. It looks like the racing angle is the context for a coming-of-age tale of a young working class lad finding love, manhood and violence via the thrill of racing.

There’s a welcome Irvine Welsh-like aesthetic and a couple of stupidly photogenic characters in front on the camera. Put that into context of a lot of beautifully slant-lit twilight shooting and for us the film looks like a winner – the sort of slice of culture that focusses on the concerns of the edges of England that’s rarely looked at in the cinema.

And there’s banger racing too, which is a bonus.

Trailer looks very interesting indeed.