The Joy of Graph #1


We’re unashamed fetishists of automotive design and spend an unhealthy time online and at various car events sifting through the voluminous back catalogue of a century of car culture. Our mission, dear reader, is to dig out some choice pieces car and bike-related graphic art for your enjoyment.

Now we could be accused of retro-fetishism, but hasn’t digital design lessened the impact of that lovely handwrought feel of pre-nineties car design?

Design ateliers in the automotive industry, which used to reek of woodbine and turps and were populated by talented chaps in collar-and-tie, have been transformed into feintly humming temples to the genius of Steve Jobs – where nary a long lunch can be tolerated.

Sure, digital design has made the graphic medium easily accessible and much more convenient – and many of the highest examples of car pennery we’ll be presenting to you have been in fact created on a computer – but it doesn’t lessen the tactile, aesthetically appealing feel of design materials that existed before the ubiquity of the pixel.

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.


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