The Joy of Weber


Now, we’re no mechanics here at Influx towers, but there’s something we love about a good old fashioned carburettor.

And for some reason, when it has the word Weber on it, they have something of a carnal quality that tips us over the edge.

There’s must be something about the mechanical wheez, link and flow of a car that predates fuel injection that turns us on. They may not be the most efficient way of controlling the mixture of gas and fluid that enters the engine, but boy do the right kind of carbs look good.

Weber carbs in particular, all shiny potted and menacing looking, reached their apogee of beauty when applied to the engine of Ferrari’s 250TR (top), we reckon. But they also look lovely applied to a nice small block chevy head (above).

And Weber was always an Italian company (which surprises us), and they now operate from Spain, apparently. We imagined that Webers were good old, gas guzzling American boys.

We’d take these pieces of mechanistic beauty over the hidden chimera that is the fuel injector any day. At least, from an aesthetic point of view.