The Persuaders: Aston Martin DBS

Cars Culture

John Barry themed show where the Aston Martin was the star...

The Persuaders is lodged somewhere deep in our childhood memory.

The music after all was composed by John Barry – what more is there to say? Those mystic chords wrought in an intense early synth burn an atmosphere of louche intrigue into the cortex. But of course the cars these characters drove were key to a little boy’s interest in the action series.


Tony Curtis’s character drove a Ferrari Dino (more of that later) – but the Aston Martin DBS pictured here was the muscular hunk of English iron piloted by the archetypical English Posh Bloke.

The car sold at auction last year for a shade over half a million pounds – a record at the time for an Aston of this vintage – despite the fact that even with its ‘V8’ Aston persona it retains a much less aggressive V6 engine under the hood.

And we think Bahama Yellow needs to make a comeback on the Aston Martin configurator.