The Schlorwagen, 1936


This slippery love toy of an automobile, which represents the pinnacle of German experiments in aero, was designed in around 1936. Its designers, working out of the Northern German town of Gottingen were Karl Schlör and engineer Krauss Maffei.

The full-scale car was built on the chassis of the rear-engine Mercedes-Benz 170H, and it scored a never-before-seene low in drag coefficient of Cd: 0.113.

Perhaps inevitably known as ‘the Egg’ it was shown at the Berlin Auto Show in the fateful year of 1939. Rumour has it that after going into mothballs during the war until the car was ‘liberated’ by a team of British soldiers in the British sector of Belin.

We can’t be sure of anything else, except that this was an incredible feat of aerodynamic styling. Herr Schlor died in 1997, and perhaps the secret of the Egg’s wherabouts forever.

Unless you, of course, know different.

via Diesel punks