Three Box Rocks


Now, call us old fashioned, but we had never, ever lusted after a Lada. We like boxy everymen like the Fiat 131 and the Alfasud Giardinetta. There’s something beautifully utilitarian about the classically workaday three box format that has all but disappeared in contemporary car design. But a Lada?

It just might be that stmbling upon these pictures on the delightful General Consumption blog has changed our minds forever. We have no idea from where these particularly pretty, subtly modded Lada 1200s come from (are they Polish plates), but wherever they are and whoever is responsible deserves a medal. Simply lovely. It’s a good bet that these are from Hungary, we suppose, as loads of these cars were apparently built there. But then again, they were built al over the Eastern side of Europe, so who knows? Perhaps the nice folk at Lada owners club UK can help?

Wherever they roll there’s a little corner of the East that is forever California.