See the Toyota FT-86 at Geneva


It’s comfornting to know that there’s a new hot launch on the way that’s not either stratospheric and ridiculous (think Aston 177, or Lexus LFA) or pious and overly eco-righteous (think almost everything else).

Next month’s Geneva salon may contain more of the polarised world of new car launches, but at Least the FT-86 is a dynamic little speedster that will be (sort of) accessible to mere mortals.

The five-seat FT-86 (Hachi Roku according to Jap car fetishists) goes back to the fundamental qualities of the classic sports car with its rear-wheel drive configuration, compact dimensions, low centre of gravity and lightweight construction. Under the bonnet there is a 2.0-litre boxer engine that is strong on both performance as well as efficiency.

The show car’s bodywork is finished in Flash Red, an eye-catching shade that contains a hint of blue. Inside, the cabin design further expresses the car’s classic sporting qualities with many of the structural elements left uncovered.

It’s still only a concept, of course, but it’s continual unveiling gives a hint that we could expect to see the car available, and probably not for too kingly a ransom, before we’re too old to enjoy such a thing.

Here’s hoping.