Vantasia ’77


If the seventies is just a veil of misty clichés to you and your reference points are films like Dazed & Confused & Boogie Nights – then the whole craze of Custom Vans that exploded all over the American influenced planet may be something of a mystery to you.

But we associate these things with a lot of other good stuff that was happening all over the planet. Their candy apple, metal flaked, slot-magged, sidewindered loveliness makes us grin.

Skateboarding exploded. Surfboards had gotten shorter. Summertime was all about endless sundrenched days. There were no speed cameras, no Vehicle Number Plate Recognition System or speedbumps.

Crack wars, AIDS, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were still blips on the horizon and the world seemed a simple, colourful place.

It’s nearly summer. Paint your wagon!