Nissan Patrol

Volcan 4×4


cool rebooted vintage off-roaders....

OK, in a month when we’ve been fetishising old Land Rovers it’s worth mentioning that other off-roaders are available.

And Toyota’s totemic Land Cruiser brand, as well as Nissan’s boxy patrol contender, contain in their number some of the most appealing, and now sought after editions.

It’s been known of late for a clean Toyota FJ120 from the early seventies to fetch six figures at auction – so it’s unsurprising that around the world tuning companies have created an industry in rebooting cool old clunkers into sparkling, socially mobile wagons.

Volcan 4×4 create some of the best of these, reimagining original old Cruisers and Patrols into phenomenal customs. The price isn’t quite as accessible as we would like – but it’d be a great way to invest a bit of spare change, we think.

And generally, Nissan Patrol classics might be an investment for the future.