Xmas List: TAG Silverstone and Jarama S


We were thinking recently about how period design in vastly different media can have massive natural empathy. The twin male obsessions with technical brilliance and desirability are demonstrated by the timepiece industry’s natural affiliation with cars and motorsport. Never mind that TAG has an ongoing, recently renewed association with McLaren. We think this watch and this car go together like B&H and Denim.

The Jarama S was a Gandini penned diffusion piece meant to occupy a broader market place than his masterpiece the Miura. It was a shortened, more hard edged GT than the controversial Espada, upon whose platform it was based.

We love its nuts-and-bolts machismo and we want it in this beautiful orange version.

Within slightly easier reach would be, of course, an original Silverstone Chronograph from TAG. The Swiss company have recently re-issued the extremely lovely watch, which was originally issued in 1974, to celebrate their 150th anniversary. They’ve also recently renewed their ongoing association with McLaren.

Designs converge. Desires escalate.

We were born too late.