Zadig Motorcyles Salander

Bikes Culture

It certainly looks like a death trap – but aren’t the best motorcycles just a little bit frightening?

And is the Salander – a build from Belgian workshop Zadig  something to ride hard, or simply look at?

We’d personally swing a leg over the beast – and we certainly approve of the style and the attitude of the Zadig aesthetic.

The whole thing, though, does make us think of the timely question – what should motorcycles be?

Are they simply objects of meditation – things to gaze at, to tinker with and to contemplate? Or are they purposeful magic carpets; literal vehicles of transcendence that can take you places – aesthetically, spiritually – as well as simply down to the shops.

Either way – we applaud the makers of these things.

And are envious of the ability to have one in one’s life!