5 Creative Cars Made In Britain


The Return of the British Coachbuilder

The death of the British car industry has been greatly exaggerated.

All over these islands there are highly skilled engineers creating superbly imagined, beautifully realised pieces of machinery. Some you will have heard of, others you won’t have.

The British Lightning is an electric supercar concept that could rival Tesla.


The new AF8 from Arash Autos has been described as ‘Automotive Art’

This Newmarket operation describe their cars as 'automotive art'.

David Brown confidently claims ‘Coachbuilding is back’ in the shape of his Speedback GT.


This once defunct 1950s firm Connaught is about to spring back to life with its Connaught Type D (to be followed soon by the Type D hybrid).


Noble Motors, started by British designer Lee Noble, was bought in 2006 and now makes stripped back supercars based on ‘analogue purity’. And we love them.

noblespeedster three quarter