Classic car club – Asphalt Heritage

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Photographs: Asphalt Heritage

We’ve been stalking the guys at Asphalt Heritage Club online for years now. Though we’re not lucky enough to live in France – where this collective of aficionados of automotive authenticity reside and organise road trips, track days and general aesthetically pleasing gatherings of the like-minded petrol headed – we thought it was time to share what they do with you.

You can tell by the way they present their stuff that we share a sort of way of looking at classic cars – for these fellahs its more about the look and the feel of a great day out on the road – rather than concourse correctness and strict exclusivities of marque, brand and period.

They post some great pics too, so even if, like us, you’re not able to leap across the channel at a moment’s notice we suggest you bookmark the site and enjoy the ride vicariously.