Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato

Cars Culture

On 22nd July 1991, at Protech House, Cobham a fleet of four ‘Sanction 2’ recreations of Aston’s sublime Zagato collab was launched.

These cars were built under license with authenticity shot through every nut, bolt, square centimetre of alloy and hide. There were 19 originals and only four of these recreations made. Could it be that one day the recreations will be more sought after than the originals?

No matter. This simulacrum of six cylinder gorgeousness, a twenty two year old manifestation of a sixty year old siren – sold last year for a record 1.3 Million (or thereabouts).

According to Bonhams, who auctioned the car last year, the project was instigated in 1987 by Protech’s Victor Gauntlett and Peter Livanos, who commissioned the renowned Aston Martin specialist Richard Williams to up-rate four DB4 rolling chassis to DB4GT specification. These were then shipped to Italy to be fitted with Zagato’s stunningly beautiful, hand crafted bodies. They were then returned to Williams, who fitted the interiors and completed the cars at his new premises in Cobham, Surrey.

But words can’t really do justice to this sort of beauty, so just look at the pics and marvel.