Barn Finds and Sleeping Beauties


Barn Find Ford Escort

It’s the holy grail for every lover of old cars and every obsessive tinkerer with hopeless automotive projects. Finding that neglected vintage car in a dusty barn is something every petrolhead should aspire to.

Rumours of Aladdin’s caves containing many million pounds worth of sleeping beauties are usually exaggerated – they surface once in a while and have the motoring press fizzing with envy.

But Veloce publishing have taken to stirring the delectable rumour mill with a call to publish pictures of your found gems here.

Our personal favourite on the site so far is the powder blue Mk2 Escort (above), which apparently has shored up and turned into a botanical feature on the fertile island of Madeira.

Coming a close second is this nameless jalopy from down under, which, in its rusted pathos, reminds us of ‘Mater from Cars, the Pixar animated feature of a few years ago.

Is any vintage car enthusiast out there able to identify this senior automotive citizen?

Mystery Jalopy