BMW CS 3.0

BMW CS 3.0: The Nicest?


Call us a little predictable but the beauty of the CS is our most enduring car crush: for this year at least.

And stumbling upon this black beauty documented by photographer Mats Sundstrom, we think we’ve fallen in love all over again.

In combo with the BBS alloys and the red leather interior, the car looks every bit as fresh as it did at the time of manufacture in the early seventies.

It may be fruitless to try to analyse beauty itself: but we think it’s the combination of the pillarless window and the cute, peaky rear end that fills us with aesthetic delight. There’s a beautiful coherence of line in the car’s design: from the front three quarter to the rear. It’s easy to see why this model set up BMW as a purveyor of fine, race-bred coupés.

You can still see its influence, even in the Burly M6 of today.