BMW Spiccup Concept Car


For some reason this incredible BMW one-off from 1969, (our favourite year), completely managed to pass us by these forty odd years.

You can see the car’s bloodline at first glance.

Yes, those are the Montreal-esque hooded headlamps from the pen of Marcello Gandini and the same shocking green rendering of Bertone’s audacious Alfa Carabo.

The Spicup was a Geneva launch and was based on the 2000CS – with the 2.8 litre straight six. It was sold after the show and apparently the car clocked over 100,000KM before its owner gave up and confined it to automotive legend.

It sold Recently at auction via Bonhams for around US$600K. That’s some serious mileage for such a valuable vehicle.

And though there’s a lot about it’s look and feel that is dead-on in terms of its period design, the side perspective gives a hint at where the ideas came from.

We reckon this was Gandini’s homage to 50s American futurism.