Ferrari 750 Monza


Ferrari 750 Monza: a slice of mid-century culture as beautiful as any Picasso

What is there to say about this Ferrari 750 Monza?

It is a slice of mid-century art. It is a rare four-cylinder masterwork from Ferrari. It will set the auctioneers reeling when it comes under the hammer at RM Sotheby’s Monterey auction later this year. We’re not even guessing how much someone will pay for this car – but we’re not really interested in the resale value.

Some things are clear. Simply let your eyes feast on the lines of the Scaglietti-built body. Whoever drew this thing knew a thing or two about the magic ratio that connects the eye to the heart. Notice the scalping and the long, drawn out lines reminiscent of Ferrari’s unjustly maligned 612. Notice the cut of the wheel arches, which, for some reason in their very being seem to speak of love.

We’re not wanting to come across all dramatic here. But this is one of the most beautiful cars we have ever looked upon. The overall look of the car, with that long nose, smooth flank and hatched out cockpit – obviously recalls the original 250 TR – but under the hood this is one of the rare, four-cylinder engined cars that Ferrari produced. Despite its relatively low capacity, it still produced over 250 horsepower and won many a Palmare on the circuits of the European mid-century.

Mike Hawthorn and Umberto Maglioli piloted their 750 Monza to victory at Monza on its very first race, giving the car its name. Although they were strong on the track, the Monza was unable to hold off the Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR in 1955, allowing the Germans to seize the sports car championship that Ferrari claimed in 1954.

But whatever this particular car’s historic chops, we’re just sharing some choice pics from RM Sotheby’s.

Surely this is a high point of European culture.