Porsche 924 Carrera GTS


We’ve heard a lot about how the relatively humble 924/944 series were the cars that in the late seventies/early eighties saved Porsche from financial wrack and ruin.

But for some reason we’ve never really understood their appeal.

Until, that is, we recently stumbled upon an interesting thread on the GT/GTS version of the cars.

We’re suckers for race bred road going cars.

Call us shallow but include an intercooler, flared arches, scoops, intakes, bumps, bulges etc onto a standard sports car we go all weak at the knees.

So when in 1981 Porsche produced the 924 Carrera GT and the GTS in order to comply with homologation regulations – what was conceived as an evolutionary stepping stone between the bog standard 924 everyman-mobile and and the 911 supercar benchmark became a car worthy of true desire.

Happy weekend!