Banacek – Loss Adjuster Hero

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A recent run-in with a loss adjuster put me in mind of that greatest of all claims investigators, Thomas Banacek, and his eclectic motor collection.

With the ten percent skim from the cash he saved the insurance moguls this cool but tough Polish American was able to live the good life. He lived at 85 Mt. Vernon Street, the same luxurious pad as McQueen’s Thomas Crown had occupied, and when it came to motors he had exquisite taste – just like McQueen himself. Check the opening credits below – of course with requisite ‘wackawacka’ soundtrack.

On the job he was chauffeur driven in a De Tomaso Pantera (above) and in his own time pottered around in a custom built AMC AMX as well as an antique 1941 Packard convertible.

This epitome of luxury design must have appealed to the man behind the mask, George Peppard, who like the Packard, was born in the spiritual home of American car production, Detroit.packard_180_super_eight_convertible_victoria_by_darrin_9