Vector M12


There is something vaguely obscene about the Vector M12.

It was conceived in the late 1980s a time when women still wore shoulder pads and male execs sported stripy shirts, red braces and Disney tie-and-sock combos. In short – it was an era of overkill.vector_m12_11

With its overstretched chassis, giant spoiler and road hugging skirts the M12 was already going out of fashion when the first model rolled off the line in 1995. Within four years and with less than twenty produced it was all over for this outrageous supercar.

vector_m12_12Based on the thing of brutalist beauty that is the Lamborghini Diablo and married to a chassis designed by ex-Lotus engineers, and a Ford GT-40 gearbox the Vector shows that some things are just best left alone.

Yes, in terms of power and speed, this animal could outgun the Diablo – with the M12 the final result of this strange piece of automotive husbandry is

– a wolf in ugly clothing.


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