Volvo 3000 GT Zagato Concept


Until this afternoon we didn’t even know that Zagato had ever worked with Volvo.

But it happened. In 1971 this low-nosed, light steeled 2+2 Volvo 3000 GTZ appeared, looking like a vaguely Nordic, possibly speedy hearse.

The lines evoke for us something cinematic and of the night – it’s as if Scandi harbinger of monochrome gloom Ingmar Bergman cooked up a collab with Federico Fellini. Sort of.

We can’t find that much hard and fast info on the webs about this intriguing ride –
so please feel free to inform us of the exif!


UPDATE: This unique beast has been found living in bits in a garage in Sweden. Apparently it was used as a daily driver by somebody in Italy, until they had a rather bad prang, then later purchased by a Swedish collector and all but forgotten. Now it’s being restored and the process being documented by Klassiker magazine.