VW Brasilia


I’ve been in love the VW Variant wagon since my old man bought one in 1978.

There’s something effortlessly interesting and stylish about them. They’re one of those motors destined for eternal hipsterism.

And when you first glimpse the Brasilia, it’s easy to think that it’s simply a South American-made version of the Variant – but in fact, its underpinnings are based on those of the Beetle.

Produced in Brazil from 1972 and popular in that huge market for the whole of its decade long production run, it’s one of the ultimate, if rare, VW custom platforms. Rear engined, air-cooled and relatively light at under 900KG, I wonder if you could squeeze a Porsche boxer in the back.

Hunt one down, import it from latin America and BOOM! You have a ready made showstopper.