Dirt Quake 2015 is coming!


"They said it might never happen again. And despite protestations to the contrary from INFLUX writer and Sideburn Editor Gary Inman – the riding fast, turning left world is due to descend on Kings Lynn once again this summer. As usual, "

Old Empire Motorcycles: The Osprey


"There’s something fitting about Old Empire as a brand name. An atmosphere of Edwardian elegance take holds as you make your way across the fens and edge into Suffolk. You take a series of meandering lanes into the hedgerows "

Ten Custom Builders


"We asked Chris Hunter, editor of the world’s largest custom moto website, to select his favourite builders from recent months. So here’s the hand-picked Bike EXIF x Influx Selection: the builders (and bikes) that are reshaping the new "

Of Custom Bikes and Trophy Wives


"The annexation of the most vibrant motorcycle sub-culture in decades didn’t take long. Danish crew the Wrenchmonkees began to get noticed back in 2008, maybe the tail-end of 2007, but 2008 really. That, as far as I’m concerned, is Year Zero "

Hodaka: Dirt Squirt


"Humour is missing from 'the industry'. In fact, while we're talking about the motorbike industry, you could just as well substitute any of them. Capitalism, by its very nature, lacks the propensity to take the mickey out of itself. But "

1984: Honda NSR 500


"We've got a theory.  The things you'll carry with you through your life, that will inspire you more than other things - will emerge from the years when you were at your height of youthful discovery - when the hormones "

Santa Pod ’67

Bikes Culture

"We've always had a soft spot for Santa Pod Raceway. So when we stumbled across these shots on The Selvedge Yard recently, we had to give you the heads up. RAF Podington had been disused since the 1950s - but "

Sideburn Art

Cars Bikes Culture

"Our friends and colleagues over at Sideburn Magazine are going from strength to strength. As some of the leading purveyors of automotive culture in print - they are putting on sale some lovely hi quality prints from the production of "

Grinder Porn: One Bike Show


"We just found the ultimate custom bike builders. They are passionate about coffee, they see their pursuit as a spiritual as well as mechanical passion, they live in Portland Oregon and they have magnificent beards. And yes, that is a "

Lotus C-01: Lightcycle


"As Kris Kristofferson might say: ‘If it looks like a Sci- Fi bike son, then that’s what it is, a Sci-Fi bike” The sentiment holds true in the case of this breathtaking new machine from Lotus. It looks like "

Zadig Motorcyles Salander

Bikes Culture

"It certainly looks like a death trap - but aren't the best motorcycles just a little bit frightening? And is the Salander – a build from Belgian workshop Zadig  something to ride hard, or simply look at? We'd personally swing a "

Speedway – The Art of Flat Track


"If you haven't tasted the joys of flat track motorcycle racing, check this video out. There's a simple purity to the short oval that is evoked nicely by the hi-def slow-mo images presented here from a recent champs in Spain. "

The Ducati Scrambler: The Past Updated?

Bikes Culture

"In reviving their Scrambler from its forty year sleep Ducati seem have ripped up their usual business model. Famous for producing high performance, high tech machines for high earners this bike is a major departure. It is all about reasonably "