Ronin 47 – über custom


"Custom culture has gone through the stratosphere. It's not even funny any more. Colorado based manufacturers Ronin have gone and started a 47-run line of Buell customs - inspired by the legendary Japanese warriors of lore. Each one will be "

On Any Sunday: The Next Chapter

Bikes Culture

"It had to happen. The most influential motorbike film is getting its sequel.  It might be over forty years since Bruce Brown's totemic flick opened the world's eyes to the life-enhancing beauty of motorcycle racing - but that doesn't mean "

American Motorcycle Girls

Bikes Culture

"It's amazing, really that there are still so many associations between the words 'biker' and 'girls'. Do an online image search and see what you come up with. Pretty predictable really. It's all Back Street Heroes. The equation with boys, "

Wheels and Waves 2014

Bikes People

"We missed the event. Again. The Moto gods seems to be working against us: for some reason for the last three years we've been unable to get to one of our favourite places for an event that is becoming more "

Yoshimura Suzuki Katana

Bikes Culture

"Katana: yes, it means blade. The sort of blade a Samurai warrior uses. Could there be a better name for a weapon of such brute delicacy? We don't think so. There's a zennish conundrum at the heart of the Suzuki "

Bike Crush: Honda Gold Wing – Stripped


"I always had the feeling that Honda's staple tourist superstar the Gold Wing would look better naked.  And this example certainly confirms our intuition. Spotted recently on Bike Exif - it appears that this 1975 GL 1000 was built for an Italian "

Bikesploitation: The Glory Stompers

Bikes Culture

"Not sure how we missed this one. Glory Stompers is probably the most atrocious bikesploitation flick we ever saw. It’s not even really salvaged by the appearance of Dennis Hopper - who in most cases can carry the entire "

Ugly Moto x Bike Exif


"Bike Exif is a great way to fuel your motorcycling dreams. Sure, it can be the equivalent of bike porn - and one is sometimes left feeling a little bit seedy ogling all the classic and custom machinery on the "

Wolf Strache Photography

Bikes Culture

"We stumbled upon this amazing image the other day. Delving around on the webs we realised that the strange, ghostly image of a Dirt Track rider is by a photographer you wouldn't necessarily associate with moto culture. Wolf Strache is "

Farmers Racer

Bikes Culture

"Images: Farmers Racer It’s easy to be cyclical about hipster bike videos. It seems that all over the world, things that are handcrafted, artisan, bespoke and simple are being championed by a new generation of folk, many of whom "

Yamaha, YZ400 and fun.


"When we were sixteen, in 1984, my best friend somehow got hold of a thoroughly rinsed 1979 Yamaha YZ400. It was a beast. And it didn’t have a clutch. We’d take it over the waste grounds (otherwise known as the "

The Road to Apocalypse

Cars Bikes Culture

"A forthcoming art show in London is set to look at how images of the apocalypse have been presented in the movies. And it's amazing how many of them reference the road and petrol culture in general.  David Michôd’"

INFLUX x Dirt Quake 3

Bikes People Culture

"Unless you've been living under a rock lately you will have noticed that there’s a new wave of bike culture happening. All over the planet a new generation of people are getting turned on to motorcycles - and many "