When Evel Kneivel came to town…


"Evel Kneivel has an almost mystical significance for many. We're not sure why. There's something in the period of time in which the mentalist motorbike jumper was operating in - could it have been an extended comedown from the sixties? "

Barry Sheene Was My Hero

Bikes People

"For some reason, Barry Sheene's cheeky mug popped into my mind some time this morning. It may have been a Suzuki superbike passing that tweaked my unconscious - or something about the number seven that had the larrikin charm of "

Buell Battletwin – American bike crush


"Lately we've been hankering after a superbike. And we're not talking about the current crop of super-clean, electronically assisted appliances that stalk the streets and track-days of the English summertime. No. We're talking about a 1980s behemoth. One of those "

Puch Maxi Brobber…


"The cult of the Puch is now firmly established all over the planet. But John Isaac, Cornwall based style documentarian, Hot Rod aficionado and general fleet-footed downstreamer – was onto the the joys of the moped early. John was kind enough "

Rotary Engined Classics


"Suzuki RE-5 Pimped by an Astronaut and styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro, the Suzuki RE5 was powerful but fatally complex. It looked like the mid seventies super-bike it might have been – but with that ugly radiator thing up front and the "

Siegl x Puma


"Images via Bikexif We might be a little late to the game here but we recently stumbled across this very nice video of German custom bike builder Walt Siegl and his Ducati custom for sportswear brand PUMA. [vimeo]http://vimeo."

CMBL Customs


"Images CMBL Customs As the custom bike scene matures, morphs and meanders through our culture, genres and sub-genres emerge and challenge our perceptions about what it is to be a biker. Amongst these sub-genres is the Deus Bali motored mutant "

Thrive Motorcycles


"images via Pipeburn The postcolonial custom scene isn't one that gets a lot of attention. But Thrive motorcycles is an example of how the custom bike scene is finding adherents in parts of the world you might not have expected. "

Indian Wall of Death


""Wall of Death?" I hear you say. "Meh!" But this is no health-and-safety logged, Ofsted-approved circus act. This is something really special. This is the Indian Wall of Death. And man alive, look at the way this video is put "