Bucephalus: Loaded Gun Customs Bike


"In case you haven't noticed: it is very easy to get very passionate about custom bikes that you are building. There's something viscerally intense, something that speaks directly to the soul, about getting your hands dirty and piecing together a "

Evel Knievel

Bikes People

"The word 'icon' is ridiculously overused. But this man IS an icon. What we mean is that the meanings he encapsulate have very little to do with the man himself. Sure, he jumped bikes and broke bones, dressed in the "

Laverda: Brand Royalty


"In the world of motorcycles there are loads of tragically dormant brands. But the fact that no current bikes bear the noble badge of Laverda must be one of the most tragic of these absences. Laverda began, like Lamborghini, out "

Travels on a little Honda


"All images A RESTLESS TRANSPLANT This morning we were roaming the webs and we checked one of our favourite outdoorsy-type blogs - a fine chronicle from Foster Huntington called A RESTLESS TRANSPlANT, when we found a little story about an "

Wheels and Waves


"Images Jo Fischer The second edition of the Wheels and Waves took place at Biarritz last week. The event, choreographed by those fine folk at Southsiders, have been right at the heart of the new wave (geddit) of bike culture; "

BMW R90S Homage Concept Bike


"It seems the folks over at BMW Motorad are getting their retro on. With the fortieth anniversary of the lovely sports bike that was the BMW R90S approaching - they teamed up with Roland Sands Design in California to "

Sidecar Racing


"Sidecar racing brings a whole new language to motorsport. Aesthetically it is like no other – not only a team sport in terms of its backup crew, the twin pilots of a full tilt sidecar crew perform a dance upon which "

Dirt Quake 2


"There's been a theory wending away our consciousness for a while now that actual, real culture doesn't exist any more. With so many instantaneous communications berzerking its way around the planet, it seems that anything that attaches itself to anything: "

Homage to Moto Guzzi by Gary Inman


"They’re not hyper, they’re anti. They’re not über, they’re under. Motorcycles born under the Eagle of Mandello del Lario are hinky, Italian V-twins. Ooh, nice, like a Ducati? Well… No. It’s true, both Ducati and "

Moto Guzzi: The retro-progressive V7 Stone


"With the ubiquitous ho-haa going on all over the biking planet over custom bikes these days, most of the manufacturers have seen an opportunity to add stripped back, retro-aesthetically styled editions into their current range – in order, we presume, to "

Moto Guzzi: The Ultimate Custom Platform?


"Images via Wrenchmonkees & Bike Exif. The thing about the Guzzi format, though, is what makes it so perfect or tweaking into the aesthetic stratosphere. That long, low-profiled engine and drive train coupled to a simple, spindle frame. The format "

Dirt Track Racing


"The world of independent minded motorcycling is expressing itself all over the planet. One of the places where you can witness the character of this new wave of greasy sideways sliders is the Dirt Track Racing scene. Our friends at "