Classic bike festivals – Born Free 4

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" This weekend in California saw the latest edition of a new kind of bike festival. The Born-Free show is about the love of old motorcycles and like minded individuals having a good time together and enjoying classic and custom bikes. "

BMW R25 Classic Motorcycle


" When it comes to motorcycles rendered with classic craftsmanship, you don't get more classic or more craftsmanlike than BMW early fifties staple the R25. Looking at the simplicity of the thing leaves us little wonder that there's a backlash against "

Moto Guzzi Otto Cilindri


" Yep. Eight cylinders. 500 ccs. Eight carbs. 78 BHP. 148KG without the juice. This monster from the middle of the 1950s might look a cumbersome beast but there's something brutally beautiful about it, right? God knows how that fairing coped with sidewinds "

Dirtquake by Sideburn


" If you like your bikes customised, your tracks made of cinder and your girls in PVC and high heels - and of course you don't take these things OVER seriously - you could certainly do worse than to get yourself "

Ducati 1199 Panigale


" What do you get when you get a hi-end Ducati superbike naked. Well, here's what you get. And we think you'll agree, this Italian piece of loveliness looks just as good with clothes off. This year's 1199 Panigale is about as "

Carl Fogarty & Ducati: Q&A


"You’re inextricably linked with Ducati, but what was the first one you ever rode or raced? The first bike I ever raced on a track was a Ducati, back in the summer of ’83. It was my dad’s bike. "

Ducati People


"words & pictures Liz Seabrook There's more to Ducati than hardcore knee draggers and retro obsessiveness. There's also more to Ducati than the perennially successful Monster that has characterised so much of the brand's sales these last few years. With "

Valentino Rossi & Ducati

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"Photography by Richie Hopson As the nine times MotoGP World Champion, Valentino Rossi is very much the most recognisable face of motorcycle racing. Throughout his 16-year career, the 32-year-old has amassed the sort of fame and fortune that would have "

Ducati: Lightweights!


"Photography by John Isaac / Magneto Bologna has always been home to one of Italy’s most well known bike brand - Societa Scientifica Radio Brevetti Ducati. The early name is a clue to the company's humble beginnings. In the industry’"

We Come from Garageland

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"image via Bike Exif Three-chords, crap equipment, not much talent, lots of enthusiasm. Young men and women have been in garage bands since skiffle was The Next Big Thing, but it was only during the wave of 1977 punk that the "



"Images Sideburn /Jonny Wilson/Subsculptures Britain has some great motorcycle events, but many are as stale as the last supper’s leftovers. A few years after first launching our own independent motorcycle magazine, the Sideburn team started thinking about bigger "

Crowe Customs


" We came across Crowe Customs delightful documentation of all things lathe-ish and metalspun while admiring Benji Wagner's rather nice photoblog. Benji is a west coast photographer and purveyor of fine outdoorsy type gear in the shape of the Poler brand, "

Oil Advertising


" We were thinking recently how pathetically wimpish current oil ads have to be. Gone are the days when you could sell lubricant with hot cars and hot babes. Post BP oil slick,and taking environmental realities into consideration, it's not "