"Images Sideburn /Jonny Wilson/Subsculptures Britain has some great motorcycle events, but many are as stale as the last supper’s leftovers. A few years after first launching our own independent motorcycle magazine, the Sideburn team started thinking about bigger "

Crowe Customs


" We came across Crowe Customs delightful documentation of all things lathe-ish and metalspun while admiring Benji Wagner's rather nice photoblog. Benji is a west coast photographer and purveyor of fine outdoorsy type gear in the shape of the Poler brand, "

Oil Advertising


" We were thinking recently how pathetically wimpish current oil ads have to be. Gone are the days when you could sell lubricant with hot cars and hot babes. Post BP oil slick,and taking environmental realities into consideration, it's not "

Solifuge Design

Bikes Culture

" Shout out to the guys over at Bike Exif for these brilliant renders from Russian designer Mikhail Smolyanov. Ranging from Phillip K Dick stype futurism to the Neo-Retro aviation-automotive crossover, there's something characteristically Russian about the designs. We reckon Smolyanov "

Welbike Love?


" We were amazed this morning when we stumbled across this amazingly well conceived little piece of kit on the Aether blog. We had never heard of a collapsible motorbike that could be dropped into action behind enemy lines before. The "

Church of Choppers


" pics: Church of Choppers Our daily mine of the webs shored up some interesting pics this morning from US based hog hounds Church of Choppers. This crew seem to gather together a really appealing rattle bag of bike culture - "

Wall of Death


" still photography: Gary Margerum You may have seen The Wall of Death travelling the festy byways of Britain these last couple of years. Our friend, photographer and vintage bike culture fancier Gary Margerum has spent the last couple of years "

Influx Street Spots

Cars Bikes

" Images © Michael Fordham Time and time again we come across interesting cars and bikes and people on our travels of this and other lands. Now we thought it was about time that we share with you what we find. Go "

Derringer Cycles


" Images Adrian Van Anz/Derringer. We're moped fans. They're cheap, fun and quick, and if you live in a sunny environment like southern California they make more sense than a smart car. And while moped is usually a cypher for "

[It really is] Better In the Wind


" We've been following the progress of Scott Teopfer's pet project since the early times. We had a sense that it just might encapsulate something beautiful about motorcycling. And we were right. The finished version of the film is lovely. It "

Suzuki RE-5


" If you thought a rotary engined bike was something out of seventies scifi, then think again. Suzuki produced the RE-5 for a couple of years in the mid seventies....We're not sure how successful the bike ended up being. We "

Introducing…the Gaskettes


" Straight out of one of the only cities on the planet where such a thing could exist, let alone get their image out there, come the Gaskettes - an all-female, gold jacket wearing, 50cc rocking crew of Puch lovers. Yes, "

Southsiders at Goodwood


" images: Southsiders We might be a bit slow off the mark here, but this morning we stumbled across some of the nicest pictures we've ever seen coming from the Goodwood revival. The images come from those fine folks at Southsiders "