Friday Bike Crush # 2


"[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Spring creeps up on you. And just when you're least expecting it, you start daydreaming of blasts through the countryside with the wind in your face and the rumble of a V-Twin beneath your loins. "

Moto Guzzi’s Modern Classic


" Somewhere back in the mists of time I spent a lot of time dreaming of riding a Moto Guzzi Le Mans 850. I was at the harrowing cusp of adolescence at the time, so this bike was about as unattainable as "

Blitz Motorcycles


" It's refreshing to know that the Eurotrash can get down with raw motorcycles every bit as much as our American cousins. Blitz Motorcycles are a bunch of Parisian hipster gearheads who know the meaning of road trips and cycling freedom. "

Irving Penn’s Hell’s Angels

Bikes People

" Irving Penn is undoubtedly one of the true masters of the photographic portrait. When he photographed a bunch of Hells Angels for Look Magazine in 1968 all the classic Penn elements were there - there was the stark backdrop; the steely "

American Anglofailure


"This might come as a shock, but we Brits do not have a ‘special relationship’ with the United States. Anyone involved in motorcycling during the Fifties and Sixties, however, might have thought otherwise. Sure, British bikes flooded into North America "

Deus Ex Machina


" We have shared the love of Deus before. But the Sydneyside temple of bike and surf culture (taking in two of our passions in a fell swoop of cool), continues to impress with the quality of their vision and output. "

It’s Better in the Wind: 2011 Film Teaser


" Had word from stateside photographer Scott Toepfer this week. Scott tells us that he is working on a 2011 release for a short film related to, his inspirational photo project. As Scott says: getting out there, away "

Vincent Black Lightning


"[gallery link="file"] When you look closely at this bike, it gets only more beautiful. There's something in the combination of chrome and dark steel; something about its exposed machinery - that tugs at the emotions. We can't claim to "

Norton Rebranded


" Twitter sometime shores up some interesting points. This morning came the news from Creative Review that London agency Carter Wong have undertaken the awesome challenge of rebranding totemic bike company Norton. And we like what we see. James Lansdowne Norton, "

Grayson Perry Goes Biking!

Bikes People

" Looking like something that might have been ridden by Penelope Pitstop gone bike crazy crossed with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the nine-and-a-half foot long bike commissioned by artist Grayson Perry is a sight to behold. And it was on this "

Harley’s Looking Different?


" Hands up. I've never been a Harley man. It's not just that I've never owned one. I've never bought into the whole burly, knuckleheaded, chrome clad idea that is a Harley Davidson. It always seemed to me that that riding "

Sex Savages on Wheels!

Bikes Culture

"Now that we've got your attention, I would just like to say that I never really understood why bikers had a culture until I owned a real bike. Until I scored it, my RD350 LC, in 1986, I had messed about "

Shameless Caff Indulgence


"[gallery link="file"] We know they're trendy and ubiquitous in a fashionable sort of way, and we know that the sub cult of the Caff racer is sneered at by many of your hardcore every day bikers out there _ but "