Definitive Motorbikes of the 1980s


"The eighties in bike culture was a story of Japanese dominance and technical innovation. European brands suffered greatly from the explosion in popularity of fast, reliable and colourful machines coming out of the far east, which were rooted in high "

MV Agusta


" It could be the late surge of summer this September or the rapidly growing awareness of our own mortality here at Influx towers, but we've been seriously thinking of late that it might be the right time to by a "

Sleep With Your Bike


"Now, we know how attached our biking brethren can get to their machine. And when you're on a world tour, the bond can get well, a little weird, frankly. So reaching out to this passionate community of bike lovers, the "

Conrad Leach


" Stumbled across some very nice artwork from London based artist Conrad Leach. Vibrant colours, interesting two wheeled machines feature in the work, which he has exhibited everywhere from Tokyo, LA to Norway and back again. Stay tuned for more on "

Ducati Elite 200


" Sometimes, we just want to share some love. This is the case with these images of the beautiful single-cylindered Ducati from 1960 - the Elite 200cc. Though we wish we could relate what it's like to blast through the hills of "

Hail the Wild Angels


"'We want to be free. We want to be free to do what we want to do. We want to be free to ride. We want to be free to ride our machines without being hassled by the man. And "

Vintage Joey Dunlop


" Stumbled across this lovely two-part 'tube of Joey Dunlop preparing for the 1977 Cookstown 200. Obviously, Yer Maun ragged it around public roads clobbered only in jeans and T-shirt to get the feel of the Ulster asphalt. You could do that in "

Hells Angels Artwork


" Stumbled upon this beautiful little piece of artwork today. What appeals to us about it is the way it skillfully re-imagines the whole world of the Hells Angels by using a simple but effect graphic treatment and a bit of "

Honda – Mentalism


" We're huge Honda fans here at Influx. We make no secret of it. We've owned a few Hondas between us over the years, and each vehicle - from monkey bike to Civic estate: has been at heart a passionately engineered, "

Guzman’s Third

Bikes People

" NYC based lensmen Cicero deGuzman JR knows how to train a lens on a motorbike. We recieved word from Cicero this morning, informing us that the 3rd dispatch from his grease-caked world has been published. Unfortunately we couldn't make it "

Husqvarna 400 Cross


" There's something badass about the very name Husqvarna. The word has to be pronounced deep in the back of the throat, and it somehow reflects the raw simplicity of the bikes made by the Swedish brand. The bikes from the "

The Forest Fighters


"Swedes: outdoor types. Your Swede is not intimidated by a bit of inclement weather. While the majority of British motorcyclists hibernate (some, it has to be said, to save their bikes from being eaten by road salt), Anders Nordén "