Evel Genius


" My cousins were the cool kids. It was the seventies. They had skateboards and Raleigh Choppers. They had leather sofas and crazy paving and their dad drove a Jensen Interceptor. But it wasn't these totems of seventies aspiration that made "

Anniversary GSX-R600


" Following the successful launch of the 25th anniversary GSX-R750 last month, Suzuki GB unveiled the second model in the exclusive trilogy this week with the limited edition GSX-R600. It comes with an exclusive colour scheme replicating the 1999 factory machine, like "

Top Ten Cult Classics


"BMW HP2 Megamoto Why? One of the first signs that BMW had loosened its tie and started drinking in the morning. Powered by a highly tuned version of the fuel-injected, 1170cc, 8-valve Boxer engine, it is the most playful BMW "

Stephen Davison Folio

Bikes People

"In the late 80's the youth of Ireland had a narrow escape when Stephen Davison gave up his plans to become a school teacher.  "I would have been a crap school teacher- I was only interested in the steady money "

Ride Fast: Turn Left!


"There’s a saying ‘The best way to make a small fortune in magazine publishing is to start with a large one.’ But that’s not entirely true. It depends on your targets and motivations. I’m a self-taught journalist. "

Rockers’ Revenge_1

Bikes Culture

"[gallery link="file" ids="13647,13650,13651,13652,13644" orderby="title"] Dressed up like a bunch of dandy highwaymen - and women, marauders spat out of a time-tunnel into the smog of rush-hour traffic in central London. The Mean and sos are a "

Rockers’ Revenge_2

Bikes Culture

"‘Dixon of Dock Green’ wasn’t exactly ‘The Wire’. But, back in the fifties, a big percentage of Britain’s population would tune in each week to see wrongs righted and bad ‘uns brought to justice. One episode concerned itself "

Man and Boy


"Have a look through your old family photo albums. We bet that there will be at least one picture of a father, son, uncle or brother bestride a motorbike. It might not be a particularly interesting machine. The lighting may "

Techno Philia


"This is an extraordinary time for motorcycling and an extraordinary time to be a motorcyclist. The horizon has shifted and a new era of automation has arrived – where the once raw, mechanical simplicity of a bike (two wheels, engine, seat) "

Scooterists Forever!


"-Lemmy of Motorhead famously referred to them as ‘hairdryers.’ To him and his ilk, they are whining little machines whose performance an attitude are a joke compared to the brawn and substance of the classic piece of English Iron. Hundreds "

Vincent Black Shadow: Fantasy Ride


"The Vincent Black Shadow is famous for a lot of reasons. Released in the late-40s, into an era of post-war austerity, it was groundbreaking, intimidating and fast enough to turn a pilot’s eyelids inside out. It made such "

God’s Speed: Bike Culture Documented


" Ok, you're back at work and the bread and butter realities of everyday life are emerging from the frost of a new year. What better way to escape the humdrum, then, than to treat yourself to a visual feast and "

The Electric TT: The Answer or a Chancer?


"The 2010 eGrandPrix race season has been announced. It will now culminate with a championship race organized by the European Motorcycle Union at Spain's Albacete circuit. The date has yet to be announced, but the addition of this championship gives the "